Paula Patruno

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Just Voted 2020

Best Personal Trainer!

8th Year Award Winner!

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"I saw more results working with Paula in one month than I have struggling on my own for 10 years. Paula is a fantastic trainer, motivator, and just a plain, wonderful person. I am a busy working mom and with Paula I have to MAKE the time for me, which is what I wanted and I also just did not have the experience or knowledge to reach my goals. I highly recommend her!"  - Danielle, age 39

"Paula Patruno has changed my life! Paula has been my personal trainer for the past six months. From day one, she has always been focused and well prepared during my workout time as well as taking a personal interest in my overall change to a healthier lifestyle. I am a 56 year old woman that has spent the past 30 years of my life very overweight. Paula taught me how to find the inner strength I had hiding deep within my overweight body. With her guidance and support, I have learned to push myself physically, make healthier food choices, and to take 'me' time to become a stronger person. Thanks to Paula, I can look forward to spending my next 30 years stronger, healthier, and happier!"  - Colleen, age 56


"I have been working with Paula for about 6 months. The results have been amazing. I am stronger, have reduced back pain, sleep better, and feel better about myself. I have worked with other trainers, but Paula is the only one who has tailored my workout around my specific issues and goals. She pushes me and helps me set realistic goals that I know I can  reach. I have never worked with anyone who is so supportive!"  - Billye, age 56

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"In August 2013 I was at an absolute low and found myself very overweight and out of shape. I had been diagnosed with diabetes and had to control elevated blood sugar levels with injections of insulin.  I was depressed and essentially quite unhappy with the direction of my life. I needed to make a drastic change so I decided to call a personal trainer.  I did not anticipate how much this call would transform my life. After an initial assessment of my health history and fitness goals, Paula started me on strength training exercises and educated me on how to gain control of my diet.  With encouragement, patience and guidance through a customized workout routine Paula showed me that I am stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Paula is an extraordinary trainer who is extremely knowledgeable, professional and has such positive enthusiasm that it is infectious. She changed my defeated attitude towards diet and exercise and helped me break out of bad habits that have sabotaged my weight loss efforts for years. I have since lost 51.6 pounds, 30 inches and 7.9% of my total body fat. I no longer have to take insulin to control my blood sugars. I have more energy, self-confidence and I feel much healthier both physically and emotionally.


I would recommend Paula’s services for anyone who is looking to become stronger, lose weight and improve their overall quality of life."


Melissa Blomberg

"Paula has been instrumental in helping me maintain healthy eating habits while working on my strength training a couple times a week. Working with Paula keeps me on track and mindful of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. If I get distracted she pulls me back!"  - Deb, age 58

"I entered Paula's studio Health Is Wealth Personal Training two years ago when I was at an all-time low. I hadn't worked out in months and was at my highest weight. Paula showed me how much weight training and sensible nutrition can truly change your body and improve your overall fitness. I had a personal best in the half marathon after working with Paula, at 43 years old!" - Karen

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"January 2014, the year I would turn 50, Paula helped motivate me to take charge of my health, and made me realize that I... needed to take the time to take care of ME! I 3 short months, not only have I shed a few unwanted pounds and inches but I have also shed the idea that I was descending the hill of my life... Not true! I have had more energy than I have had in years. Kudos to Paula and myself!" - Kim Bourgeois Powell, age 50

"Paula is so many things, too many to list.    She is understanding, motivating, inspiring and I am grateful to be able to  have her as my friend and personal trainer" - Patricia Wilson Hall, age 47

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"My personal goal was to feel stronger and to stay motivated throughout the day. A friend of mine suggested joining a program with a personal trainer so I would learn how to properly use weights. Paula's program along with adherence to proper nutrition has led me to feel stronger and more confident and to take off several inches and pounds. I am very happy with Paula's instruction and my accomplishments for the three months I have been attending workouts. I will gladly continue work out with Paula as she is not only personable but has proven to be capable of customizing my fitness program to meet my personal needs. "


Lois, age 71

"Fall in Love with you again"


"After 25 years  of marriage my wife and I have seen each other at our best and our worst as far as our health is concerned. I am 51 and my wife is 49 years old. In March of this year we decided that we needed to take better care of ourselves and reached out to Paula and made an investment in our Health and it was one of the best decisions of our life. Paula steered us daily as we navigated through food choices and the type of exercise we needed to reshape our bodies and minds. Also, having had a serious heart attack just a few years ago made me tentative and overly cautious of how this was going to happen but we made it happen day by day and I have eliminated almost all of the medications that I relied on for lowering my blood pressure. I know that this change is due to our new lifestyle and we love everything about it. Simply put, we are better and stronger than the food and the choices that surround us daily and we can't thank Paula enough. We are dedicated clients and will continue to be so." Michael & Doreen - Fiskdale, MA